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Bringing world class entertainment one cello, two violins and a viola at a time!


String Quartet

If there is a party worth starting, the best ignition mechanism is this funky electric string  quartet out of Gauteng, South Africa that will take any sensible situation and turn it into a  sensational night to remember.  

Meet four drop-dead gorgeous, classically trained virtuosos, all keen to get as many people  on their feet and dancing the night away each time they unpack the contents of their five  carefully considered albums. 

The awesome foursome gives classical music a thrilling kick with renditions by Top 40 hitmakers, golden oldies and up-tempo African favorites. Throwing in sultry dance moves  and loads of fun they give the genre of classical pop an exciting and unconventional twist  that is guaranteed to entertain a diverse audience and leave them mesmerized and wanting  for more. 

Known for their quality productions, qualifications as classically trained, pop prepped and  able to deliver musicians, the music The Muses make generates enough energy to  contribute to the national power grid and light a dance floor indefinitely. This classy act is  perfect for background instrumental music, weddings, corporate events where background  entertainment or show sets are required as well as parties and festivals. Their diversity and  absolute love for performing is a refreshing visual and auditory extravaganza.

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