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Ancient Egyptians called masters of their field Rekhiu, a term that signified exceptional talent and accomplishment with their craft one could possibly find. Rekhiu Africa, the entertainment sourcing hub is an Agency that aims to bridge the gap between the entertainment sector and the world. Collaborating with Corporate Clients, Government Clients and Private individuals to fulfil their need to secure the very best talent around the world for any form of entertainment. The fact that we have footprints across Africa makes it easier and more convenient for you to book entertainment through us, so you can be assured that you will receive the highest level of service.

What We Do

Talent Sourcing
REKHIU AFRICA is a team that specializes in sourcing entertainment talent & public figures. Our Value Proposition is aimed at partnering with our clients to ensure creation of memorable events. We manage the entire process from sourcing , contracting, planning & logistics; right up to execution. We take pride in being efficient, resourceful and hands on while  keeping abreast of new trends in the entertainment industry in order to advise, direct and service our clients effectively. With over millions of guest speakers, live bands, comedians and so forth to select from, it can get overwhelming to choose the right talent for your event. A simple brief is enough to get us started.

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Precious Zifodja

Talent Specialist | Event Management
Email: precious@rekhiu.co.za
Phone: 068 217 3140

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Email: bookings@rekhiu.co.za

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